Enjoy the sun drenched days of Negril Jamaica on a two-acre beachfront estate with uncompromised privacy and breathtaking views of Seven Mile Beach on Long Bay – A stunning location for weddings and receptions.

The four-bedroom beach house villa and guest cottage can accommodate families and groups of up to twelve persons. The house is flanked by two private beaches, the larger of the two just steps from a 50′ veranda. A Northeast Fast Dry red clay court was installed in December 2017 and local tennis pros are available for instruction or play.

In the tradition of Caribbean villas, our staff will help plan meals, do the shopping, cooking and serving – this is genuine Jamaica at its best. There are also groundskeepers and 24-hour security.

Four Malibu 2 seater Sea Kayaks, two  standup paddle boards and snorkeling gear to explore the reefs along the 1000′ sea frontage are available at no extra charge.


Food Service

Whether you are on a special diet or want to excite your palette with authentic Jamaican cuisine like ackee and saltfish, the national dish or world famous jerk chicken,  our staff is ready to serve you up a delectable meal that will satisfy your senses.

Along with other beverages, we offer a special sparkling water service. With the availability of bottled spring water in 5 gallon bottles that has a dispenser, the staff is now trained to fizz the water using a SodaStream dispenser. You will have a choice of either flat or sparkling water or both that will be served in stoppered bottles with your meals. The cost of the 5 gallon bottled water is US$7.00 delivered as needed and an additional $3.00 for the CO2 gas.