• How many people can be accommodated?

Up to twelve people can be accommodated depending on how many couples there are. There is a crib, a child's daybed and a playpen which can be set up just about anywhere, as well as an inflatable mattress.

  • How are the bedrooms arranged? Is there a floor plan?

There is a main house and a cottage. The main house has two bedrooms on the ground level with full-size four poster beds in each one. Each downstairs bedroom has its own bathroom which opens up to the outdoor shower. Upstairs in the main house are two seperate bedrooms, each with two twin beds. Two of the twin beds have been joined together to make a king size bed in the bedroom on the western end of the property. Also upstairs is an alcove with a twin bed. There is one bathroom upstairs. The cottage has a queen-size bed and its own bathroom.

  • How much does it cost to get from Montego Bay to your property?

We have two reliable minibus drivers to carry our guests at the following rates:
Airport transfers USD 25 per person each way with a minimum of USD 100 for 1 to 4 guests. These rates are determined by JUTA, the local 'union' of minibus drivers.

  • How do we arrange transportation?

Reservations for transportation can be made at the time of booking the property. Arrangements for day trips can be made directly with the drivers.

  • Does the price include food?

No, however our staff will shop and prepare three meals a day for USD 30-40 per person depending on meal selections.

  • Where exactly is your property located?

Llantrissant is located in the historic center of Negril on the south shore of Long Bay at the foot of the cliffs. It is less than one half mile from the roundabout located on the same little cove as the Sunshine Village with the Hi-Lo Supermarket, the National Commercial Bank, duty free shops and Shakey's Pizza. It is directly across from the Anglican Church.

  • How close is it to the Seven Mile Beach and Rick's Cafe?

It is about a ten minute walk to the main beach. Rick's Cafe is three and one half miles further down Lighthouse Road on the cliffs.

  • What kind of beaches are on your property?

There are two sandy beaches, one about two hundred feet long and the other about fifty feet. Both are suitable for nude bathing.

  • How many staff members are there?

Two housekeepers who do the cooking, serving and cleaning. One gardener who maintains the yard and beaches. A security guard from dusk until dawn.

  • Is anyone else on the property?

Except for the staff the property is entirely private. No one else is permitted on the property except tradesmen who might be called in for emergency repairs. Guests are encouraged not to bring strangers onto the property.

  •  Is the cottage rented separately?

We sell four individual units at a discounted rate only for last minute bookings. You will be made aware if there is a chance there will be another party sharing the property.

  • What other amenities are there?

Local cable TV, DVD, VHS player, amplifier with 5 disk CD changer, cable for MP3 player or laptop connection. DSL with Wi-Fi internet connection. Fax machine for incoming faxes.

  • What are some sport and leisure activities? What kind of water sports activities do you have on the property?

There is snorkeling gear available at no charge to the guests. There are numerous coral formations immediately in front of the property. There are small caves along the northern edge of the property.

  • What other sporting activities are there in Negril?

The Negril Hills Golf Club has an excellent 18 hole course. The exact greens fees are available from the Jamaica Tourist Board. Tennis is available at The Negril Beach Club and Swept Away Sports Complex for a fee. Horseback riding at Babu's Riding Stables in Red Ground. Scuba diving operations are located at most hotels. Some of the dive operators provide transportation. There are jet skis and parasailing concessions on the beach.

There are two sea kayaks which can be set up for one or two people.

  • What is there for the non-adventurous to do?

There are pool floats to laze about in the water. There are deck chairs and hammocks around the property. There is an exercise mat and free weights.

  •  How are the tips handled?

Since the gratuity is included in the rate, additional tipping is left to the discretion of the guests.

  • Who does the shopping?

Typically the housekeepers will do the shopping. A menu planner is available. Fresh fish can be purchased from local fishermen. There is also a fish monger who will deliver fish and lobster to the gate; the staff has his cell phone.

  • Is there live music?

Negril may be the reggae capital of the world. There is a different reggae show for each night of the week at different venues.

  • Is ganja (marijuana) legal?

Marijuana is now legal in Jamaica and there should be no worries about smoking it anywhere on the property. Although local people can be seen smoking on the street, we do not advise it for our guests. We do not permit smoking in the house due to the fire hazard it represents. We have had a few guests who have allowed burning seeds to drop on the outdoor cushions and leave holes in them. Any further damages will be assessed to your damage waiver deposit.

  • What about medical services. Are medical services available?

There are three or four physicians practicing in Negril. There is an EMS Ambulance Service with trained medical technicians for transport to the nearest hospital in Savanna-la-Mar or to Montego Bay.

  •  Is the water safe to drink?

The tap water in Negril comes from a natural spring in nearby Logwood, in Hanover. It is completely safe to drink. The Jamaicans take pride in their high quality public water system. It is best to use filtered water, however. A filterered tap is provided next to the main tap in the kitchen.

  •  Are the public beaches clothing optional also?

For women, topless is common along Seven Mile Beach. Total nudity appears to be restricted to a cove north of the main beach called Bloody Bay, and to the private beaches associated with the 'all inclusives'.

  • What does Llantrissant mean? Is it French or something?

Llantrissant is a Welsh place name, in fact, the town where the Royal Mint is located. It was so named by a former owner whose origins may have been Welsh. Etymologically it means "a yard where lovers meet": llan means yard and trissant is derived from "tristre" which means "a secret meeting place in trust" from which the English word "tryst" is derived. According to the history of the town, the name also means the Church of Three Saints.